Thursday, July 18, 2013

Perodua Semi Synthetic Engine Oil SAE 5W30

On Monday the last day I have to make an appointment for a day to maintain my vehicle to go anywhere. I have an appointment on Friday last week. In fact the time has long come for my car engine maintenance. My car was moving nearly 10,000 km using the engine oil last time I change. For some time now it has been used. It's time to change with the new engine oil in preparation for the long journey back to the village.

I make early preparations to avoid congestion to maintain my car at Perodua service center. Because usually, many car users will send their cars for maintenance before returning to the village. I'm more willing to take annual leave to maintain my car from the long wait and had to leave the car at the service center, as happened last year. I got crowded and comfort without having to wait too long.
Perodua Semi Synthetic SAE 5W 30
While there, service center representatives have recommended it to me to use other engine oil from my normal use. This is because the use of engine oil I have used earlier to 10,000 km. He recommended me to use engine oil for 10,000 km of use. Prices are not much different from engine oil for 5000 km has made me think to change to a new one. After all I never use the engine oil. I agree to use it.

The engine oil has been recommended to me is Perodua Semi Synthetic SAE 5W30 that was formulated by Petronas according to standard technical Daihatsu. I hope this engine oils can provide satisfactory performance in my daily use. Give me time to evaluate the performance of my engine with the engine oil. So far has not felt the difference in my car's performance. Yet it is economical because you do not need to change the engine oil for every 5000 km. Subsequent switches in the next 6 months or 10,000 km whichever comes first.

I will put a picture following the oil bottle in the future. Good luck and happy reading. Comment and give your opinion.
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