Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekend Hiking To Bukit Apek @ Bukit Saga

On Saturday last week , colleagues in our office together with other officers conducted a very healthy activity. We have managed to climb @ Bukit Saga Apek Hill in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Although it is just not high on the hill our eyes, but it is still challenging endurance and the ability of a person. More than 25 people took part to climb this hill.

On Saturday morning, the weather is very good with a little cloudy. Journey began at 9.20 am start in the foothills Hatamas Park, Cheras. Before that some of us have started to gather at 8.00 am at the Al-Amin PGA Cheras. After the arrival of the other participants of kuala lumpur city center, we went straight to Hatamas Park as the cradle of the climb.

Masjid Al-Amin PGA Cheras
Masjid Al-Amin PGA Cheras
The climb starts with spaces before climbing through huge boulders before reaching the foot of the hill. For anyone who does not have strong legs to climb please take note of this hill. From the beginning of the trip, we all need to climb the rocks and hills to begin entering the shady trees and then the high trees in shady conditions.
Bukit Apek
Shady Trees
The climb is not sloping hill, we have to continually climb to arrive at a rest area after climbing about 30 minutes. We arrived at the top of a hill that has a spacious area to relax and re-energize before proceeding to the waterfall. Travel to the waterfall because the journey easier and downhill slopes. Upon arriving at the waterfall, we take a break, take some pictures and could swim a while to cool off.

Waterfall Bukit Apek
Cooling down

Waterfall Bukit Apek
Enjoying the waterfall

Waterfall Bukit Apek
Cold water

Waterfall Bukit Apek
Myself at waterfall
After resting for about an hour and a picnic at the waterfall, little by little, our friends began to climb back to the top of the hill to head home. For those who arrived late at the waterfall, still rest to regain their energy. We arrived at the foot of the hill where the place we started was about 2.00 pm. After the arrival of the last group arrived at the assembly area about 3 pm, we were dispersed to their direction.

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