Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Lillangen Mirror Cabinet Install

On last Sunday, we went to IKEA just to make a survey to improve our products in house. Various items are beautiful and perfect for our home furnished. At the start only to buy goods for daily use, but we have purposely bought a two-door mirrored cabinet. It's white suit to be placed in a second bathroom in our house. 

Lillangen Mirror Cabinet

Yesterday after work, I began to assemble the cabinet. Outline of my cabinet was installed earlier on Sunday evening after the family's brother-in-law and my parents-in-law returned to their home in Perak. With the help of my wife, she marks the area to drilled in the wall of our bathroom. After that, I carefully use the Black & Decker to drill a hole for inserting screws to hang our cabinet. 

At first I made ​​a hole in point of the smallest, but after I tried inserting a screw in the hole, it was a little small. Then I make the existing hole with point bigger than the previous one.

Then I started to tighten the screws on the wall with little exposure before we hang the cabinet. Once again with the help of my wife, I put the cabinet on the screw and my wife helps tighten the screw. Then I tighten the screws to make sure it is really tight. Then I started to install a mirrored cabinet door on the frame. About 2 hours I installed the cabinets carefully, it's known new things must be done with care.

We presented our cabinet after installed successfully. I sweated to adjust the cabinet door is in a position to the right height. This is the result.

Lillangen Mirror Cabinet IKEA
Lillangen Mirror Cabinet from IKEA installed by my wife and me

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