Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hope for I9100G update with Android 4.4.3 (updated) now its on Android 4.4.4 from CyanogenMod 11 (latest)

As posted on AndroidPolice.com about the newly version of Kit Kat 4.4.3 yesterday, its now being push by Google to Android Open Source Project (AOSP). I'm sure all custom rom developers is doing their work to update their work about it. I'm also very excited hearing the news. I hope those developers out there will also update the rom for Samsung GT-I9100G. Now i'm using CyanogenMod 11 since they first push it out and updated with the latest nightly.

Keep on the awesome works guys. Your contribution is far from beyond that we can imagine. Thanks a lot. Hope for I9100G update with Android 4.4.3

*  thanks a lot to all developer's on updating I9100G to Android 4.4.3 on CyanogenMod 11. Many thanks to all.

updated - Now CM11 is on Android 4.4.4 with the latest nightly

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