Friday, December 21, 2012

Past and Present (Handphone)

Greetings. Just want to share some used mobile phones and is now in use in the first involving the use of mobile phones in this century. Not so crazy to change this mobile phone. Instead of being able to begin some time this mobile phone. The first Handphone I use is a Motorola mobile phone from my brother in law who had. This type of Handphone nicknamed "Tank". People say, if you throw a dog can die. Hehehe. I never tried.
This time I just started working last graduation. Work in EPF offices. buy new simcards. At that time I use Digi prepaid sim. Easy going to call home if there is the case or not. Do not remember the number. not very important at all. That's why use prepaid. Hehehe. Then switch to another mobile phone, cell phone, also from my brother-in-law. As we know, has not been able to buy mobile phone from my own money. Just enough to eat myself. Wage is not big at all.
Nokia 5120
Nokia 5120 - the second mobile phone that I use in my life. This time just to call and sms. SMS was just for the same operator. so it can not send sms to other operators.

Nokia 3210
Nokia 3210 - the third mobile phone that I use in my life. This is the best phone models at this time. The top because there is no antenna. Can play a hot game Snake for Nokia users that time.

Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 - I bought it use my own money wage. gather little by little from the money wage to buy this mobile phone. it is the most preferred phone models at the time.

Nokia 5210

Nokia 5210 - this is a cell phone as the story transformers. Mobile phone cover can be opened up and down with ease. there is a thermometer in this mobile phone.
Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600 - known as the Nokia "Soap". Once look at it like soap.

Nokia N70

Nokia N70 - 3G mobile phone this is the first that I use. now switch to prepaid Maxis. Just switched to other operators.

Nokia N97

Nokia N97 - the best reason it can save data and files, especially MP3. Another very good is the Nokia Maps. Can work in offline map. No need to use the data. It's 5 for Nokia Map.
Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2 is a cell phone I use now. Other OS. Other brand. Hope this handphone contestability Nokia Maps on the Nokia N97 I used to.

This is among phone models that I use and I still use. Phone models that are still in my savings are Nokia 5210, Nokia N70 and Nokia N97.

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