Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mail Merge - Microsoft Excel

In my daily routine office work is using a Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Lots of data with names, number, text and more to handle. Everyday i will have to open my data in Excel which i maintain and update regularly. My most heavy workload is on June. Lots of new data to key-in and update. I love working with Microsoft Excel because it can  be link with Microsoft Word to speed up my work daily. Its call Mail Merge. Most of us used it everyday.

My work are speed up to make letters to someone with their names and particulars which is done in Microsoft Word. Also to generate a more than 500 names on to certificates. Most of my officemate also use this kind of useful link to speed up their work. Most of reference about mail merge and lots of formula came for the internet, yes the internet. Chandoo www.chandoo.org/wp/ is the most website and forum i visited to study and get a reference about excel and its formula. You can check if u daily use excel in your daily work.
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