Friday, April 19, 2013

Most Use Formula In Microsoft Excel

On every working days, its all based on my data stored in Microsoft Excel. Filters, Formulas, Conditional Formatting and Mail Merge. Few hundreds of rows and dozens of columns always on my eye sight. Few of my most used formula is IF function, Date and VLookup function. But as you all know, after you create a formula its all done for the rest with the whole data. But sometimes there's more formula to be created based on what you really want. Those are my most use formula in Microsoft Excel

With the IF function, i manage to determine if my data is TRUE or FALSE, If its TRUE, i want it to appear some other text or another formula about calculation or else to suit my needs. Sometimes its hard to create new formula. You have to know what the exact formula function to use. Most of the time, i search in Google to get the exact function for my data and also from a forum under website The forum also let you to discuss about errors or info about the formula and determine the best formula to you. Thanks to

VLookup is another formula function i use to get a data from another sheet. Its a good function that can combine with another formula function. 

Anyway, thanks to for all the information for what they have share with me.
Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah S.W.T.

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