Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My New Look - Nike Vision Ni7071/2

Earlier this month I have started wearing new glasses to help me see more clearly the objects and words that are far away from my eyes. I actually suffer from farsightedness. It has happened a long time ago, but I do not want to get used to me wearing glasses. Because to do my tasks that are close to me, I can see clearly. It is made from Nike.

Nike Vision
In conjunction with my birthday this month, my beloved wife and my most loved, gives me this spectacle. I am very grateful to my wife. I really appreciate it. I think it is not necessary to wear glasses, because not interfere with my daily work, but to drive it is very necessary for me. Now I can drive more clearly at night especially.

Before wearing these glasses, my vision is like looking at an LCD TV without HD. But now, my vision is like looking at an LCD TV with HD. Very clear now with the help of the glasses. The frame is made of plastic that can be bent. Spectacle lens is the lens that can change when bright sunlight to pass through. It will turn quite dark depending on the light to pass through.

Most exciting for me is the color of this glasses frame is the same as my favorite football team Manchester United since time immemorial. Very heartening. Thanks to my beloved wife. I love you.

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