Monday, December 23, 2013

How to check the balance of annual leave expires using Microsoft Excel

Earlier this year, I have prepared a sheet to check his leave expired in the third year using the formula in Microsoft Excel. The formula commonly used is the first year of annual leave balance brought forward less the amount of annual leave equal to the second and third year, with the remaining leave (whether remaining expired or not). (A-(B + C)).

(Baki Cuti Rehat Luput pada tahun ketiga)

Google Drive - Sheets (Online)

If the result is negative, then no leave balance will lapse if otherwise, the remaining annual leave should be deducted and the balance carried forward.

(Jika hasil adalah negatif, maka tiada baki cuti rehat akan luput manakala jika sebaliknya, baki cuti rehat perlu ditolak dan baki selebihnya dibawa ke hadapan.)
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