Monday, March 3, 2014

Online Document Sharing On Google Drive

Document on-line is very important over the years . I would like to share on-line application for use with directly. Google Sheet is one of the on-line application from the Google using Google Drive page . I was among one of those who use this function together with my friends from early January this year. With Google Sheet I can share data directly Documents and transform data on the document directly. Some of the changes made by my friends can see without having to close the document.

The concept of partnership as a database that houses the data in a server. With this partnership through Google Drive , there is no need server. Simply upload the document you want to share with your friends and make sure they have a Google account to access the following documents . If you are an administrator of a document, you can restrict access as can be seen or can change the data.

Among other applications offered by Google through the Google Drive is Google Docs and Google Slides . To use all the applications you only need to upload the documents to be shared with all . Once uploaded , right click on the document and open the document with dokemen related applications . Then click on the Share button and set the document sharing to your friends. Just as simple as that you can share and modify data in your documents.

Well, up here whom I shared. See you soon and do not forget to give your comments and opinions. Thank you.
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