Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Vector Files From Around The World

Hi readers. Sure there are all know Adobe Illustrator is widely used by many graphic designers , product designers , application developers and other amateur users and students around the world . I also sometimes in my spare time to do various things with it , such as creating logos, typographical and many more. Most of my creations are for personal use as desktop wallpaper on my computer and logo design competition that I participated.

Although the logo design competition that I did not win , the most important is the idea and the experience to create a logo for a company or association . Ideas to deliver the right message to be generated for a logo .

Various websites have I visited to learn techniques to enhance the creations and ideas that exist in my mind. Some of them, the brainchild of my wife and also a new technique that I should be looking to learn. Vector for a logo is important in facilitating our creations. Search vectors sometimes nauseating because you need the right as a member of a website to download these vectors. 

One of the sites I visit often is Brands Of The World for various vectors from all over the world uploaded to the Internet. Various vectors have my downloads are like the logo of a state of my country, Malaysia. We also may share vectors that may not on their list for other members. I highly recommend that you visit this website.

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