Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1st week of Eid

Very peaceful weather, traffic, the environment in Kuala Lumpur. When many people back to the village outside of Kuala Lumpur, the atmosphere was so different in the morning. The cool morning, the shower of cold water, the water pressure is not strong as ever. The road condition is so little of the vehicle to get to work. Kuala Lumpur has been safe from the hum and more comfortable vehicle environment with clean air and less carbon monoxide. 1st week of Hari Raya Aidilfitri is very different.
It feels as if this continued, Kuala Lumpur definitely more comfortable. No need air condition at bedtime. Must feel like a cold environment like in Genting Highland. Now it is raining heavily outside. Definitely cooler. For those who are on holiday, the weather is not hot quite appropriate because, in other words, not sweaty armpits if they want to go visiting relatives and friends.

But be careful to a motorbike or a car because the road is quite smooth. Can cause hazardous conditions if speeding. Be careful on the road. Remind your loved ones. Happy holidays to all and Happy Eid.
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