Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cameron Highland Retreat

For my 2011 holiday with my wife is at Cameron Highland that is located at the state of Pahang, Malaysia. There weather is light rain sometimes, cold and windy because of its located between the mountain. There's also lots thing to do there like visiting Tea Plantations, Strawberry Farm and also a few of flowers farm here. You can stop by for a hot cup of tea to warm you up at Boh Tea Plantations and Bharat Tea Plantation. For the locals, its a place to be for short escape from the hot city. Its a popular place for the movie director to
shoot their work here and also to the photographers. There's a mountain look alike the forest in the movie of Lord of The Rings. Its a recommended place for all age level to had a cool holiday. One of cold place to cool yourself.

These a some of the photo taken at Cameron Highland.

Tea Farm Cameron Highland, Pahang, Malaysia

Tea Farm Cameron Highland, Pahang, Malaysia

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