Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Surveying Design And Ideas Before Renovating Our Own House

Our own house will complete in Aug 2012 they said, but we don't know the exact date when we will get the keys for our home. I have the roughly or basic layout of the house. We have the plaster ceiling design that we like basically, but will it fit for our home or maybe its going to make the house height lower. From our reading to this weblog the owner makes its look easier from my point of view. The house
were awesome, the finish is perfect. What is the first things to do before move in to our new house? What is the main check list to be our guide?

Type Layout
I've use an open source software (OSS)  to do some 3D layout of our house. It's just a guide to make those design in our mind before the time we move in. The cabinets, ceiling, the rooms, lights, fans, air conditioner and more. The total size of out house is 1144 sqft.

Some of the check list cross our mind.
1. Main Door Grill
2. Wiring
3. Plaster Ceiling
4. Paint
5. Kitchen Cabinet

What else should us consider?

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