Friday, July 27, 2012

Yokohama C.Drive AC02 Tyre - High Performance and Comfort

Finally, i change to Yokohama tire. Yesterday its time to change my car tires because its life were already not in good condition anymore. So we decide to change those 4 tires to a new one. I don't have much time to survey the product brand and the price. After we got back from work, we decide to go one of the shop near our home. The first the tire shop person quote me with a Corsa tire that were made from Indonesia also Silverstone, Bridgestone and another brand that i cant remember the name. The Corsa tire price is RM150 per piece, Silverstone is price for RM155 per piece the BS price is RM195 per piece.

After a while of thinking and discussing about the labour, the charge for alignment and balancing the wheels, firstly i decide to change the Corsa tyre made from Indonesia. just for the front. Because of the front tyre thread has worn to much. And is not safe to drive in that condition. It also had a leak of pressure. After the mechanic unscrew my wheels and start to do the job, one of the sales offer me another brand with a promotion price but i have to change all sets of the tyres.

I want to see first the new sets of tyre before making the decision. They showed us those tyres and we decide to try this new sets of tyre, "Yokohama C.Drive AC02 Tyre - High Performance and Comfort". The tyre thread looks good to us and we change from Corsa to Yokohama.

Changing all of the tyres means a better comfort for my family. After that i ask the mechanic to check the shock absorbers front and rear if it still can be used. Never been change since started using the car. The mechanic told me that the front shock absorber still can be use. But the rear shock absorber need to be change because the oil inside it has leaked. He told me to change it before the shaft bend from the not functioning rear shock absorber. Once again my pocket feel empty, but its better to change now than never. I ask them to change it with Kayaba Gas Shock
Absorber, original parts from Perodua.

For now, we cant give a review about the tyre performance because still new to it, i'll monitor the condition weekly and monthly. Will do a review of this type later on. Hopefully it makes me happy using it to drive home for Hari Raya Aidilfitri this year.

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