Friday, May 10, 2013

Hutan Lipur Ulu Kenas (Ulu Kenas Recreational Forest)

After more than 4 months did not return home to my wife, we finally get back to my wife's hometown for the polling process. We returned to the village after I finished doing my duty as a voter in the Dun and my Parliament at 9 am. Although polling centers opened at 8 am, but other voters have begun to arrive as early as 7.45 am to cast their vote. It's time to vote to elect the next leader and form a government that will be lined by old faces and new faces. The vote is secret. On the election day is a very good day with sunny and warm weather. Our journey back to the village very well with the quantity of vehicles on the highway are not many. Perhaps many voters had returned to the village in advance of polling day. 
Ulu Kenas River
We arrived back home around 12.30 pm and we continue to call at polling stations to cast my wife. While still in Kuala Lumpur yet the wife of my younger brother's wife had planned to hold a celebration of the birthday of my father-in-law on the day we arrived in the village. But they still have not arrived yet at home we parents-in-law. When we arrived at the house, a few minutes later, unexpectedly arrived was my sister-in-law with her children. Vociferous back sounds in the presence of our son-in-law parents.

My mother in law not at home, so my father-in-law, just that there is a younger brother-in-law at home the other with her ​​baby. My sister-in-law who used to live with us in Kuala Lumpur arrived in the village on Saturday. He arrived earlier in the village because he had work in Penang. Due to the hot weather in the afternoon, we set out to find something pleasant, the ABC. Close to town, there is a stall serving Laksa, ABC and Cendol. It seems we have no luck to eat "Air Batu Campur" or "Laksa" because the stall was closed. We arrived a bit late I suppose.

Then we headed towards Ulu Kenas Recreational Forest to bring the children of my sister-in-law bathing in river Ulu Kenas. On the way to the picnic site Ulu Kenas, there is a stall selling Laksa, ABC and Rojak Buah. Finally it was our luck to eat ABC and Laksa. We stopped for a while to cool down and filling an empty stomach. After the meal, without any further delay, the kids can not wait to take a bath in the river. They are very happy to be able to bathe in the river.

Ulu Kenas Bridge
My Wife
Once satisfied they bathe in the river, we return to celebrate our fathers Birthday. Our sister-in-law bought KFC in town. Another of our sister-in-law brought the birthday cake. We also celebrate the birthday of my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law of the same month.

My Father In-Law Birthday Celebration
That's all I can tell the rest of us in the village after a long time did not look in them. Until we meet again with other stories about our world.

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