Friday, May 24, 2013

New Vehicle Registration Number for Kuala Lumpur, W1A to W9999A

Beginning in July 2013, Kuala Lumpur will be using the latest vehicle registration number of W1A to W9999A. Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein has been informed that the latest vehicle registration number will be followed by the letters B, C and so on. Plates license plate will look different from the other states of the familiar. I estimate more than 5.5 million registration numbers that have been registered from W1 to WYY9999 for Kuala Lumpur.

W 1 A to W 9999 A

I'm sure many people would like to have the latest vehicle registration number as certainly it is something new for our country, especially residents of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. For those who want to buy a new vehicle can certainly begin to choose the new registration number soon after it was opened for registration. For fans of the registration numbers that have their own preferred numbers would be more excited to get it.

Enjoy the new registration number to the population in and around Kuala Lumpur.

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