Monday, May 20, 2013

Photography by camera phone

Since the beginning I used a camera phone, it has helped to record the various actions, events, and other subjects. Although compact camera is top of the time in their functions and the results from any camera phone picture quality is still not encouraging and low. It began to be taken to improve the functionality and better results for camera phones as well as the function to call family, acquaintances and during emergency.

Our Cat - Junior (Camera360)

But I was not to tell the evolution of the upgraded phone to the phone camera functions. Because each manufacturer has their own technology in providing satisfaction to consumers around the world. At this point, mobile phone manufacturers work hard to produce a phone that helps users they produce photographic works that closely resembles the DSLR cameras that use lenses specific to the field of photography.

I would like to share a little bit the pictures that I have recorded to be shared with you all. These pictures have me shoot a few weeks ago using my camera phone namely Samsung Galaxy S II that I upgrade to 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Android system. I am using the camera app is the built-in camera application in android system itself as well as a number of other applications such as Camera Zoom FX and Camera 360. All these applications have the characteristics of their respective advantages in taking pictures and video.

My little nephew in black & white (Camera360)

HDR effect - Camera360

No Effect - Android Camera

No particular subject - (Camera Zoom FX)

Banana Split - Android Camera

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